Do Hedgehogs Poop a Lot?

Do Hedgehogs Poop a Lot?

Hedgehogs are unique pets, and when deciding if they are for you, many questions and concerns may come up - whether it be how to best care for one, what they eat, or even…how much they poop! 

So, do hedgehogs poop a lot? To put it plainly, yes! Like any other small animal, they do their business quite frequently throughout the day within their habitat. But unlike other animals, hedgehog waste tends to run slightly bigger. Sort of like miniature dog poop. Don’t let this deter you from the cute creatures hedgehogs are though, we’ve got solutions!

If you’re committed to having a hedgehog as a pet (or if you’re a current hogparent just looking for some poo-related tips) there’s a lot you can do to minizine not only smell but the volume of waste itself. 

To start, what you feed your hedgehog can make a HUGE difference. A lot of popular food brands marketed toward pet owners are overflowing with fillers. Added fillers can often be ingredients or possible allergens that your hedgehog doesn't even need (especially many popular cat food brands that can be recommended for hedgies) and could be causing excessive waste and digestive problems. Feeding a food without unnecessary additives and fillers like Really Good Hedgehog Food will do wonders for your hedgie’s…you know, business! Plus it’s curated and made FOR hedgehogs and their needs in mind, digestive system and healthy excrement being one of them!

The next best way to get on top of hedgie poo problems and stench is cage cleaning frequently (we recommend at least once a week) in tandem with a quality cage cleaner. Completely stripping and refreshing bedding once a week as well as using a safe-for-hedgies cleaner like Squeaky Clean to wash and rinse with hot water will make a world of difference. Squeaky clean uses vinegar compounds to eliminate odors and clean up dirt and grime seamlessly. It leaves behind a refreshing lavender scent and it’s completely safe for your hedgehog!

There's even more ways to keep the poop at bay…considering scooping it up! Once a day if you want that really pristine cage, or as often as you’d like in between cage cleaning. Using a litter scoop is a surefire way to eliminate any extra fecal odors between cage cleaning. Your hedgie will probably thank you too for the extra housekeeping. And while admittedly gross, scooping up poop is a great way to monitor your hedgies' health. Their poop can be a strong indicator of their health, whether it be a lack-there-of (could mean a possible blockage or constipation) or a odd change in color to their waste (Loose or green poo can be an indicator of infection - you’ll know it’s time to see the vet).

We hope these tried and true tips and tricks can help you and your hedgie conquer any and all poo-problems. Your hedgie will appreciate your efforts to keep their cage clean and sanitary, as will your nose! While poop may not be most fun part of owning an animal, the love, cuddles and companionship with your prickle pal always makes it worth it! 

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