How Can I Take Better Pictures of my Hedgehog?

How Can I Take Better Pictures of my Hedgehog?

Most of us hedgehog people are obsessed with taking pics of our darling hedgies. But do you ever wish you could take better photos of your spiny sidekick?
Here are some tips to make your hedgie look as glam as possible!




Lights, Camera, Action!

With any photo shoot, lighting is extremely important. Move your photoshoot to a well lit area. Natural light is often best, but plenty of good artificial light works too. Try different setups to see what works!


Offer treats!

Make your hedgie love picture time by giving them some high-value treats. Whether it be mealworms, plain scrambled eggs, or a few kibbles of food, offer your hedgehog their favorite treat to keep them engaged and looking where you want them too. Bribery is absolutely valid when it comes to the perfect Instagram photo.



Use props!

A fun way to spice up your hedgie’s photo shoot is to use props! Whether it be playing with a treat ball, on top of an igloo, or inside a mug, feel free to branch out and use your imagination! You can even repurpose everyday objects you find in your home!




Patience is Key!

Let's admit it, it can be a little bit bothersome when you want to share how cute your hedgie is with the world, and they are just will not cooperate with you. We all know how stubborn our spiny sidekicks can be sometimes! Having a little patience can go a long way when it comes to pet photography. We also recommend continuously shooting multiple photos all at once. You might have to sift through many not-so-good photos to find the one diamond in the rough, but your patience will (eventually) be rewarded!



Safety First!

Unfortunately, our pocket pals can be delicate little creatures. Wherever you set up your photo shoot, make sure your hedgie is safe and can’t get the sudden zoomies and run straight off a high edge, accidentally hurting themself.



Have fun!

No matter how many photos you take, what's important is spending some quality time with your hedgie. Have fun, be creative, and love on your hedgie as often as possible! And who knows, maybe that one pose you didn't think would work turns out to be the One photo you were waiting for!



In the market for some fun props? Check out our Cage Supplies section to see if something sparks your creativity!

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