How to Care for Minor Wounds and Injuries on Your Hedgehog

How to Care for Minor Wounds and Injuries on Your Hedgehog

Accidents happen to everyone, even our little prickle pals! But we promise it's all going tibia okay, because we have some special oink-ments available for your hedgehog!

First aid kits can be your first line of defense in keeping your hedgies healthy as can be, since accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Our newest products, Dr. Quill and Ouchie Oops, are the perfect start to your Hedgehog First Aid Kit.

Buy it before you need it, so you can stay quill and collected, ready to handle any minor injuries and accidents!


Dr. Quill - Wound Spray


When a hedgehog gets injured, the easiest way to help it heal is with a spray of Dr. Quill. Some hedgies run their footsies raw. Some hedgies get skin infections from ingrown quills, or abrasions from cage accessories.

Dr. Quill makes it easy to spray an antiseptic on your hedgie's minor scrapes, cuts, and scratches. Dr. Quill also fights fungal infections like ringworms. Made with soothing aloe and calendula, this product is great to have on hand BEFORE you need it.


Ouchie Oops - Styptic Powder


We always try to be careful when trimming nails, but it can be so challenging with our squirmy, quilled ouch-mouses. They need to have their nails trimmed, but they don't always want to have their nails trimmed.

Unfortunately, even when we try our best, accidents happen. If you cut to the quick, styptic powder helps stop the bleeding. You can also use this on your other four-legged friends, it's not hedgehog-use only.

One jar should last you nearly forever. So make sure you have yours on hand so you have it when you need it, in case a paw is in need of quick stop to quick bleeding.


Start Your Kit Today!


We hope you'll give these products a try! Start setting up your Hedgehog First Aid Kit today with Dr. Quill and Ouchie Oops today!

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