Hedgehogs Celebrate Diversity!

Hedgehogs Celebrate Diversity!

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, so our hedgies decided to learn how to say “hedgehog” in several different languages! Here’s what they learned:

Chinese: 刺猬 (cìwèi)

Hindi: कांटेदार जंगली चूहा (kaantedaar jangalee chooha)

Spanish: erizo

Arabic: قنفذ (qanafadh)

French: hérisson

Russian: Ежик (yezhik)

Portuguese: ouriço

Japanese: ハリネズミ (harinezumi)

Vietnamese: nhím

Italian: riccio

Dutch: egel

Swahili: kalunguyeye

Hedgehogs and Friends celebrates the differences between all hedgehogs and all hedgehog lovers. We encourage everyone to try and use this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. After all, our different quill patterns make each and everyone of us special, and that really is something to celebrate!
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