Introducing New Hedgehog Food!

Introducing New Hedgehog Food!

We're so excited to finally announce a brand new addition to our Hedgehogs and Friends product family - Really Good Hedgehog Food! We've been working on bringing you this exciting product for two years and it's finally here!

As hedgehog breeders we often have new hedgie parents asking what to feed their hedgehogs. Unfortunately, most commercially available hedgehog food is nutritionally dangerous for our quilled friends. While high-quality cat food works for many, we wanted to offer hedgehog lovers a food made just for hedgehogs that's Really Good for them! With Really Good Hedgehog Food, you can feed your hedgie with confidence.

To formulate our Really Good Hedgehog Food, we've partnered with a professional manufacturer of high-end pet foods who specializes in crafting formulas made from all-natural, high quality ingredients. Some of the key benefits of our formula include:

You may have heard recently about some concerns about Grain-Free pet foods. Those studies were not well conducted or statistically significant. Grain-Free remains the gold standard for omnivores like hedgehogs and helps prevent insulin resistance, obesity, and damaging inflammation.

Omega 3/6/9
Our hedgehog food has a healthy balance of omega fatty acids that nourish skin, support heart health, and promote healthy weight!

Made with Pure Ingredients
Our ingredients are free from: soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, preservatives and by-products.

Hedgehog-Approved & Professionally Made
We have fed this formula to our own herd to ensure the efficacy of our Really Good Hedgehog Food before making it available for purchase. Our food is professionally manufactured by experienced pet food professionals.

We’re so excited for all our valued customers and their hedgies to try our brand new food! If you’re interested in learning more about Really Good Hedgehog Food, visit!
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