Our Book Is Here!

Our Book Is Here!

Our new children’s book “Hedgehogs Can Do Anything” is now available for sale on our website. Read about hedgehogs pursuing their dreams, and inspire your hoglets to never set any limits on what they can achieve!

A Note from the Authors:

Three of our team members shared the dream of someday writing a children’s book. We were inspired by the custom illustrations of our Hedgehogs and Friends products labels, and decided to make all of our children’s book dreams a hedgehog reality! What topic did we pick for our children's book? Why, following your dreams of course! We followed our dreams into writing, illustrating and self-publishing this book.

We carried the same adorable artwork style of our labels into the pages of our book. You'll find a whole herd of new hedgies to fall in love with within the pages. Each hedgehog is pursuing their own unique dream and vision for their life as communicated through easy, rhyming verses. This book makes a great gift for any child in your life (or even those who are children-at-heart). If they also love hedgehogs, this will be a doubly-great gift! We really hope you love this passion project and will support our self-published book.

Where You Can Find
“Hedgehogs Can Do Anything”

We are offering this book first to our loyal and appreciated Hedgehogs and Friends' customers. It's our ultimate dream to get this book in retailers like Target, Amazon and local bookshops, and we're starting the journey towards that dream with you! Retailers like to see proof of sales, so we're hoping to demonstrate that this book resonates with readers. We have at least four more books planned to follow, and all of them start with Hedgehogs Can! Our future titles include: Hedgehogs Can Dream Anything, Hedgehogs Can Go Anywhere, Hedgehogs Can Grow Anything and Hedgehogs Can Say Anything!

Find the Book Here!

Your feedback is most welcome, let us know what you think! Tag us in social with #hedgehogscan or send us an email to
We’re so excited to share this book with you and your herd. Writing this book took a lot of hard work and a lot of genuine heart. Thank you so much for your support to date. 
 We appreciate you!

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