Is Your Hedgie Having Issues with Dry, Itchy Skin?

Is Your Hedgie Having Issues with Dry, Itchy Skin?

Dry, itchy skin is unfortunately a common problem for our quilled companions. If your hedgehog is scratching themselves way too often, or if they are experiencing more quill loss than usual, Coconut Quills can help combat those issues! Coconut Quills is a dual-purpose dietary supplement and skin/quill conditioner that helps improve the overall health of their skin and coat, relieving a hedgie’s need to scratch and reducing quill loss. Coconut Quills harnesses the power of coconut essential fatty acids to combat dry skin and provide the added nutrients some hedgehogs need for their skin, coat, and quills to remain silky smooth and shiny.

Also for High Metabolism Hedgies!

Coconut Quills can also help if your hedgehog has a high metabolism and needs more daily calories than the average hog. A little added Coconut Quills in their food provides the extra calories they need to keep healthy as well as nourishing their skin from the inside out.

Five 5-Star Reviews
from Satisfied Customers:

Love this product
"Using this on my babies quills makes a big difference in keeping their skin soft and flake free. I tell everyone who has a hedgehog to use it." - Kathleen B.

Very good.
"This is my 3rd or 4th bottle. This really helps my poor hedgehog's dry skin." -Ales S.

Great product for happy hedgie
"Absolutely love this product for my little guy. He had such bad dry skin and was always itching. After one use his skin was so much better and basically no itching. Can't wait to try the other products." -Gianna

Thank you!
"This stuff is great! When I brought my baby home he was flaking all over everything he touched and his ears looked tattered. I ordered this and it shipped to MA super quickly. I spray it on his food every 3 days and I spray it on his back every 2 days and then we take a treat break so I can rub some on the backs of his ears. He does not flake on my clothes, scratches waaaay less, his ears look pretty and when it is a day when I spray his food he munches down on this and leaves no crumbs. Thank you for this amazing product, I will be ordering this regularly!" -Savannah C.

Help your prickle pal feel a little less prickly, buy Coconut Quills today!

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