Thank you friends! Here's 15 hedgehogs taking baths to make you totally lose your cool!

We are so fortunate to be able to take a step back and soak in all the joy and positivity we’ve received from our awesome hedgehog and small animal community. Thank you for the orders, the adorable photos, and the incredible feedback on our products! We are serious animal lovers (aren’t we all?) and what we care about most is giving our pets the best, safest care with organic, non-toxic, natural ingredients. A healthy hedgie is a happy hedgie, and a happy hedgie is the BEST hedgie!

We also love our “and Friends” half of Hedgehogs and Friends, and we’re proud to have created a line of products that work for many small pets - not just hedgies! So hedgies, let your guinea pig, rat, ferret, hamster, and other little furry (or quilled!) friends know how fresh you feel and how squeaky clean your cage is. Let’s spread the love and watch our friend group grow!

The humans behind Hedgehogs and Friends are always happy to answer questions, as well as receive all kinds of feedback about our products. If there’s anything we can do for you just contact us right here through our website.

We look forward to what the future holds for Hedgehogs and Friends - so keep the pictures and feedback coming! We wish you, your quilled or furry children, and their friends, the best!

Now for your enjoyment, here are 15 Hedgies taking baths to make you totally lose your cool, hopefully in the middle of work...



Don't you just want to kiss that little snoot?? @carly_faith


We spy a toothy little grin from Choncho! @choncho_hedgehog



Um, this private pool is occupied! Unless you have treats. @pennythe_hedgie


Do you smell grapefruit? Or is it just me... wait, it IS me! @pinecone_the_hedgie


Ollie brings the whole squad for bathtime! @ollieandpals


Ozzie VS Phelps?? We'd pay to see that race! @pokeyozzie


Sometimes Pumba trades his poopy boots in for bubble boots! @pumbathehedgie


Excuuuuse me Ma, less pictures, more tummy rubs in da tubs! @quillowthehog


This baby nuggets name is Obi-wan Quillnobi... So he's cooler than you. @quilly_wonka_the_hedgie


Wooooo! Would you look at those legs! @thelifeofhorniprickles


Einstein choosing Hogwash? Clearly a smart move. @mskaitlynrene


On Wednesdays, we have bathtime in pink bowls. - Eowyn. Probably. @mandysaurisgrr


Hazel's not so sure about this whole "bath" thing. But we think she'll change her mind... @mandysaurisgrr


Is it #tongueouttuesday yet?? *mlem* @nelliethehedgehog


Mr. Pokee gets that 5-star spa life that we can only dream about. @mr.pokee



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