Halloween Hedgies!

Halloween Hedgies!

Halloween is just a few days away so it's crunch time to find the perfect costume! Here are some of our favorite holiday-ready hedgies for inspiration!

Howdy, Hedgies! Happy Hedge-o-ween! @ollieandpals

I'd let this little shark swim in my tub anytime! @theadventuresofhedgy

Bat-quills! @chikkunmama

This Godzilla scene is just too cute! @hedgy.taco

The award for least expected combination goes to: Lobster Hedgie! (Source unknown)

This little sailor is so precious, is he even real?? (Source unknown)

This little lady is channeling her inner Hocus Pocus!

Count Drac-quill-a! Ha, get it? (Via Buzzfeed

This 'lil amigo is clearly ready for fewer pictures and more treats! (Via Buzzfeed)

Finally our favorite, sleepy taco hedgie!!! @ollieandpals

Feel free to tags us in more Hedgehog Costume photos!



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