Announcing the 2021 Hedgie-Ween Photo Contest Winner

Announcing the 2021 Hedgie-Ween Photo Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Hedgie-ween Photo Contest! We hope you had as much fun taking the pictures as we did looking at them!

With Halloween creeping ever closer, it’s now time to crown the winning hog! There were so many spook-tacular costumes and sets, it was almost impossible to choose just one.

But we knew we had to, because if we didn’t, everyone who had entered the contest would be after us with torches and pitchforks! 😅 

So we decided to let one of our hedgehogs choose the winner instead! We placed all the entries on the floor and let our hedgie friend Mochi wander around until she chose a winner!

And now, the moment you’ve all been dying for. The winner of the Hedgie-Ween Photo Contest is…

HedgieWeen Photo Contest Winner Video

Gus Gus at @gusgusthe_hedgehog!


Congratulations, Gus Gus, you’ve won a Hedgehogs & Friends Breeder Bundle, plus bragging rights for being crowned this year’s Hedgie-Ween King! Mochi must have felt that your photo was the fairy best!

Thanks again to everypawdy that participated! Your entries were too creative and cute not to share, so we've posted a gallery of all the Hedgie-Ween Photo Contest entries here with full photo credits:


Hedgie-Ween Contest Gallery

Val H.
Val H. with hedgehog Penelope, bearded dragon Piff, and cat Pierre.
Sydneie G.
Sydneie G. and Peaches
Samantha M.
Samantha P.
Paola B.
Paola B. (@marshmellow_hedgehog) and Marshmellow
Morgan L.
Morgan L. (@mcliuzzo_23) and Chewie
Madison B. and Franklin
Brandi (@burrow.exotics) and Teddy
Isabel B. and Walt Whitman
Hunter T. and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
Dana T. and Alfie
Christine K.
Caitie B. and Doritos
John C. (@thatlabguyjohn) and Edwardo
Michelle S. (@mjhanson31) and Luna
Carolynn W. (@lucid_librarian) and Quilliam Shakespeare
Dominique H. (@fool_of_a_thistle) and Ludwig
@_exotic_babies_ and Pickle
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