Hydrated Hedgies are Healthier and Happier!

Hydrated Hedgies are Healthier and Happier!

Breaking news: water is wet, and drinking it is good for everyone!

Most people know that drinking enough water is one of the most important things we can do for our health, but did you know that also applies for our beloved hedgies?

It’s true! Keeping a hedgie hydrated (especially a hoglet that’s still growing) helps their bodies function at peak condition.

Water is important for:
  • temperature regulation
  • nutrition absorption
  • waste removal       

How Can You Tell if Your Hedgehog is Drinking Enough?

Drastic changes in your hedgehog’s water intake can also help alert you to potential health issues. If your hedgie isn’t drinking enough water, it might indicate an issue such as an upset stomach, but if they’re drinking more water than usual, it might be a sign that your hedgehog is developing an illness/disease like cancer or tumors.

Most small animal water bottles or bowls don’t let you keep track of how much water your hedgehog is drinking daily, and are prone to spilling, leaking, and making a mess.

But no need for tears, Hedgehogs and Friends has you covered!

Check out the World's Best Hedgehog Water Bottle

Our World’s Best Hedgehog Water Bottle features a special anti-leak nozzle that’ll help keep cages clean and dry, featuring three fun colors so you can personalize it to match your hedgie’s habitat.

Plus, our water bottle comes with an adorable Water Chuggin’ Hedgehog sticker that includes handy markers to make it easy and fun for you to tell exactly how much water your hedgie is drinking!


We guarantee your hedgie will take to our World’s Best Hedgehog Water Bottle like a fish in water! Water you waiting for? Swim on over to Hedgehogs and Friends to get your hedgie a new water bottle today!


More Watery Tips from the Experts!

Expert Tip #1:

Use one of our Hedgehog Cage Label Stickers to track your hedgie’s drinking habits and quickly tell if something’s changed.

Expert Tip #2:

These might be the world’s best water bottles, but they still require maintenance! Here are some maintenance suggestions for ALL water bottles:

  • The ball bearing at the end of the bottle can get stuck and prevent water flow. Check it every day!
  • Clean the water bottle with a 10% diluted bleach solution once a month.
  • Completely replace the entire water bottle once a year.
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