Is it Safe to Bathe a Hedgehog in Winter?

Is it Safe to Bathe a Hedgehog in Winter?

While we all feel the drop in temperatures, your hedgehog is particularly sensitive to the cold spells that happen during winter time.

If your hedgehog gets cold enough, they might even attempt hibernation, which is dangerous and potentially fatal. Keeping them warm is the best way to prevent hibernation and make sure your hedgies remain healthy.

That doesn't mean they can get out of bath time, though! 

Yes, it is perfectly safe to give your hedgie a bath when it’s cold, in fact it’s important to keep up with their bathing routine. After all, the reasons to give your hedgie a bath don’t disappear when the weather gets chilly!

You might have to take a few extra steps to make sure they stay warm enough though:

  • Make sure your home is warm (between 73-79 degrees) before you start so they don’t get a chill during drying.
  • Use warm (not hot) water for the bath, giving them a gentle massage on their quills with a bath brush.
  • Lather up your hedgehog using a moisturizing organic shampoo like Hogwash, specially formulated to not dry out sensitive hedgie skin, which is especially important during dry winter months!
  • Let your hedgie soak in the soapy water for a bit to get rid of any grime in their undercarriage, and also because warm baths are nice!
  • Wrap them up in a towel to dry them off. This would be a good time to give them a pawdicure as well.
  • Give them plenty of cozy post-bath cuddles while they’re still bundled up in their towel for peak hedgie bonding time!

Don't get cold feet on keeping up your hedgie's bathing routine, continue with confidence now that you have the know-how!

Pick up a bottle of Hogwash, our shampoo for hedgehogs, by clicking here!

Thank you to mr._pippin_the_hedgie for the featured photo!


Is the Cold Drying Out Your Hedgie?

Use Coconut Quills!


Cold weather, less moisture in the air, and winter drafts can all come together and spell bad news for critters that have a tendency for dry skin, which unfortunately includes hedgehogs.

Regularly using a skin and quill conditioner like Coconut Quills can prevent dry skin from happening in the first place. Coconut Quill’s combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidant oils helps improve the overall health of a hedgehog’s skin and coat, easing symptoms of dry, itchy skin.

Try a bottle today!

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