How Can I Tell if my Hedgehog is Losing or Gaining Weight?

How Can I Tell if my Hedgehog is Losing or Gaining Weight?

Extreme weight changes over a short period of time (both gaining and losing) can be an early warning sign that something’s wrong with your hedgie.

Rapid weight changes can be the result of:
      • Illness
      • Injury
      • Mouth or teeth issues

Acting fast and taking your hedgie to the vet quickly can help pinpoint the problem and increase the chances that you’ll be able to fix it with the least amount of stress to your hedgie possible.

It can be hard to notice weight changes just by eyeballing them though (all of those quills in the way), so we recommend that you make weighing your hedgehog as part of their regular bath routine! Just plop them onto the scale before their bath and write down the number.

Here is a small animal scale that can help you keep your hedgie contained:




You Weighed your Hedgehog - Now What?

Weighing your hedgehog is only the first step: now you have to keep track of how/if your hedgie’s weight changes.

The normal weight range for an adult African pygmy hedgehog (the type of hedgehog most commonly kept as a pet) is from 8 to 21 ounces, or 250 to 600 grams. If your hedgie stays within that range and doesn’t change too much at a time, then you’re good to go!

If your vet has recommended that your hedgie lose or gain weight, or if you simply want more data on their day-to-day health, you can keep a record of your hedgehog’s weight for easy reference.

Hedgehogs and Friends now gives you two formats to choose from for tracking your beloved pet’s weight: a cage label sticker and a laminated health card!

Choose the one that makes the most sense for your hedgie set-up:


The Hedgehog Cage Label Sticker works well with plastic or glass sided habitats and is good for quick notes and your hedgie's basic info. 

The Hedgie Health Card is a bit bigger and has space for more detailed notes on the back. This laminated health card can be attached to your hedgie's habitat via a key ring or a carabiner.

Check them both out here!


Helping you have a healthy and happy hedgehog is why we started Hedgehogs and Friends, and we love giving you multiple options so you can choose which one works the best for you and your hedgie!

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