How Can I Keep My Hedgie Calm During Baths?

How Can I Keep My Hedgie Calm During Baths?


Is your hedgie a total drama-hog when it comes to baths? Do they act like you’re trying to drown them every time you bring out the suds?

Photo Credit to Chili Bean, who is not-so chilling in the bath 😅 Thanks for the photo!

Most hedgies are fine with getting a bath every once in a while, but if your hedgie acts like the End Is Nigh every time they so much as feel a single drop of water, we have some tips that could help them feel less prickly about bubble time!

  • Bathe your hedgie in a kitchen sink to give them better footing. They might feel calmer if they aren't slipping and sliding all over the place.
  • Fill the sink with about an inch of warm soapy water and let them explore for a minute or two to acclimate your hedgie to bath time.
  • Use a small measuring cup to gently pour water over their back since some hedgies can get nervous under a strong stream of water.
  • Make sure to stay away from their eyes and ears.
  • Use Quill Chill 45 minutes to an hour before bath time to help relax your hedgie.

Giving your hedgie a bath is important for their health, even when they’d rather be doing anything else. We hope these tips will help your hedgie have less anxiety around baths! 

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